Luxury Pool Design Trends For 2017


Thinking of putting in a pool in your backyard? You’ve got a lot of options to choose from. Modern pool design is constantly evolving as homeowners’ tastes become more sophisticated and available technologies help improve building and design techniques.

Lately, pool design has been trending in the direction of luxury, and the following ideas are becoming hotter by the day in 2017.

Zero Depth Entry

Also known as a “beach entry,” a zero-depth entry to a pool allows bathers to enter the water gradually rather than having to dunk right in. Like entering beach water, there’s a gradual slope from the surrounding deck into the water. There’s no need for stairs or a ladder to enter or exit.

This is perfect for those with small children who want an area for them to wade in without actually having to get right into the pool, as well as for sun-bathers who want to stay cool while they’re soaking in the sun.

Infinity Edge

This unique pool design concept allows water to spill over the edge of the pool into a basin a couple of feet below by shortening the pool wall. Also called ‘negative edge’ or ‘vanishing edge’, an infinity edge component is fantastic for backyards with a great view.

Pool Shelves

Whether you call it a pool shelf, bench, or tanning ledge, these clever pool design components are simply flat ledges that are usually located at the pool entrance and are about a foot deep. Just place a lounge chair on the shelf or ledge, and enjoy the refreshing water without having to be fully submerged in the pool.

Swim-Up Bar

Combine your outdoor eating area with your pool with a swim-up bar. With this design, the kitchen and pool are placed adjacent to each other so swimmers can make their way over to the dining area without having to get out of the water. This is especially practical if you’re a bit low on outdoor space but still want to enjoy the luxury of both outdoor features.

Fire Bowls

When designed right, a pool can be the focal point of an outdoor oasis and can create a peaceful retreat right in your own backyard. Adding a fire bowl to your pool can provide you with plenty of light for a night swim and even a little cozy warmth during chilly evenings.

Swim Spa

For fitness enthusiasts, a swim spa is a fantastic design component to add to a backyard. They feature jets that add resistance for swimmers to work out against the current, and are also great for water therapy. Swim spas are also ideal for backyards that are short on space as they are typically much smaller than the average swimming pool.


More and more components of a home are becoming automated, and that extends to the pool. Now you can maintain the water temperature, turn on the pool lights, and check the chemical balance of the water all from your smartphone. Automation allows you to use today’s innovative digital technology to control your pool no matter where you happen to be.

The Bottom Line

Having a pool is becoming increasingly standard these days, especially in warmer climates. But you can easily take your pool to the next level by integrating any one of these luxury pool design trends that are gaining steam into 2017 and beyond. There are so many options available these days to help you create a truly unique and fully customized pool area that you and your family can enjoy for years to come – until the next wave of pool design trends hits!