7 Tips to Taking Better Photos For Your Listing

The first thing prospective buyers will see before they visit your home is its photos. Most buyers start off their house hunt by browsing online photos of listings. If yours are dark, blurry, or don’t capture your home in its best light, buyers will just move on to the next listing with images that are a lot more pleasing to the eye.

To make sure your listing’s images draw interest from buyers, keep the following tips in mind.


1. Make Sure the Photos Are Realistic

While you want to make your home stands out and attracts as many buyers as possible, you still want to be honest. Make sure the images you take are true representations of your home. Buyers will be sorely disappointed if they show up to your home expecting one thing but see another.

2. Add Flowers and Plants

Other than natural light, nothing brightens and livens up a home more than greenery. When listing your home for sale, you want to create a positive and warm feel to the space, and flowers can give your images exactly that. Call upon the services of an expert florist to come in and add plants and flowers in all the right places to make your photos jump off the screen.


3. Edit Your Images

There’s nothing wrong with a little cropping and adjusting when it comes to your listing’s images, just as long as they still capture a realistic view of your home. After you’ve taken all the right shots, make sure you touch them up first before advertising them. There is plenty of free photo editing software out there that you can download to help you fine-tune your photos – like Google Picasa – to make editing simple and affordable. 

4. Let in as Much Natural Light as Possible

Filling your home with natural light will easily help to make your home feel bright and cheery. Not only that, it will also have an amazing effect on your home’s appearance. Minimal light will make your photos look dark and dull, and will do little to highlight all the positive traits in your space. Save the photos for a sunny day, which will paint your home – both inside and out – in a positive light. And if you’ve got gorgeous outdoor lighting, throw in a pic or two of the home all lit up as the sun is setting.


5. Don’t Let the Street Take Over Your Photos

Detailed exterior photos are a must, but you don’t want to include too much of the street in your photos. You want to make sure to capture the true essence of the outside of your property, but showing too much of the roadway will take away from your home and leave the photos feeling lifeless. 

6. Focus on Key Rooms

You might be proud of the new wallpaper you splashed on the walls in the powder room, but you want to make sure that you are taking pictures of the rooms that will attract the most attention of prospective buyers. The kitchen and living spaces are obvious ones to include, but if you’ve got other rooms that are stand-outs, include them, and weed the rest out. For instance, if you’ve got a killer patio or a spa-like ensuite bathroom, use images of these spaces and avoid adding multiple images of comparable rooms.


7. Remove Distractions and Tidy Up

You want to be able to set the right tone for your home, but clutter can get in the way of that. Before you take photos, tidy the place up and get rid of anything that may stand in the way of buyers getting a real feeling about it. Straighten up the books on the shelves, get rid of shoes by the door, and remove photo frames that might get in the way of the room’s view.    

The photos you take of your home offer you the first chance to draw buyers in. It’s well worth it to put in a solid effort to make sure they come perfectly. A good-quality camera is a great starting point, but you also need to know how to take the right photos to attract your target audience. Taking images is a crucial step in the listing process, so make sure you keep these tips in mind before you start shooting away.