6 Unique Bar Ideas for Serving Guests in Your Home

If you entertain regularly, you know that alcohol can be a great addition to any party. Even if you serve only beer and wine, it’s important to have a good selection to satisfy each of your guest’s tastes. But the majority of the time, you likely won’t need a full bar on a daily basis. Here are six ideas for incorporating a bar into your home for occasional parties.

Set Up a Bar Cart

If you need a temporary bar setup, a bar cart can be the perfect solution. These carts can be stored out of view when not in use or repurposed for food transport during family holidays. A rollaway kitchen island could also be put into temporary use for a bar cart during parties.

Add a Tiki Hut

If your back yard is large enough, you can build your own Tiki hut, complete with barstools and torches. This setup will make your back yard barbecues and pool parties more festive, while also giving you the environment you need to entertain guests. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you could also build a bar in as a way to invite conversation while you’re grilling.

Make It a Man Cave

If you have a basement or bonus room, you can incorporate your bar as part of a man cave. Add a game table and a big-screen TV and you’re ready to invite friends over. You can even get creative by turning a garage into a car-themed area with a bar, game tables, and a TV. Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl or having friends over for a fun Saturday night, these rooms are perfect for entertaining.

Hide It Away

If your home is family oriented most of the time, your bar will need to be safely tucked away when not in use. You can set up a movable bar cart that hides under your stairs or purchase furniture built to hide liquor bottles and glasses. You may want to look into a lockable cabinet or put the furniture in a locked room if children are in the house.

Build It Into a Bookcase

Instead of hiding your bar, you can put it on display through a built-in or a bookcase. With mirrors and lighting, your liquor display can actually add to your home’s décor, especially in an area built for entertaining.

Use Unique Furniture

Unique furniture options will not only keep liquor hidden away, but it will create a conversation topic that spices your parties up. This globe can be placed in a corner in a study or living room. You could also paint a cabinet in a fun way that livens an entertainment room.

Whether you entertain once a year or every weekend, one of these bar options can give you exactly the setup you need. Whether you decide to hide your bar away when not in use or proudly display it for the world to see, these ideas can get you started in creating a unique environment for entertaining your friends and relatives.